Days before the deadlocked election, Remora received word from her fellow merfolk that Samantha’s blue whale was nearing the coast. No reason was given, but Samantha knew it had to be important.
Samantha and Remora arrived at the pier before dawn and spotted the whale in the distant waters. Then something landed in the sand behind them.

Examining the crater they found an empty barrel of toxic waste from one of Carp’s companies. It had been illegally dumped years ago and its contents had long since leaked out. Even so, Samantha correctly saw that it could still be hazardous, and the two of them quickly covered it up and left an X to mark the spot. They departed to alert the state’s waste disposal unit.
It just happened that Carp was staging a photo op that morning, and he mistook Samantha’s X for the spot where he was supposed to stand. He ended up exposing himself, so to speak.
With the media clamoring for answers he panicked ran off into the safety of the ocean, presumably changing back into his original merfolk form. As I write this his whereabouts are unknown to both land and sea civilizations.

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